Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing, founded in 1927 by James B Lansing (later of JBL and others) had invented a new way to experience sound. This historical brand has been important for music in general as well as for film music, festivals, with the presence at the infamous Woodstock festival as an example. At Altec Lansing they have one goal: Connecting people to music through innovative audio solutions.


Carefully designed and created by Cellularline, the leader in smartphone accessories, AQL is the audio brand which aims to improve the listening experience for those on the move.


ArtSound offers smart audio solutions for consumers and businesses, with tailored, reliable products at a fair price. You will find a loudspeaker for every situation, in every style or colour, for every environment or application


Conceived with the belief that not only design and performance should be merged, but also with the aim of making this unique combination of style and performance accessible to all. Quality is the starting point for every BEPER product.


Given the increasing daily use of electronics by children, Buddyphones developed special sound-reducing headphones to protect small ears against loud noise in the future.


Canton is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of high-quality loudspeakers for the most diverse requirements. The goal is to provide the best possible sound solution for every taste and requirement. 

Cellular Line

Our smartphones and tablets go everywhere with us and enable us to make the most of our days, our interests and everything we love. Cellularline accessories are the perfect match for these mobile devices.


With its creation of the world’s first CB radio over 50 years ago, Cobra Electronics continues to grow by developing a large array of innovative products suitable for professional drivers, driving enthusiasts, outdoor recreational enthusiasts, and recreational boaters. 


Cowon is a South-Korean audio brand. Besides audio it also produces in-car cameras. This brand develops both entry-level and high-end equipment. Its known for its sublime workmanship and makes use of high-quality materials. Cowon is a worthy award-winner in both design and audio. You definitely have to hear it to believe it.


DECODED is a Rotterdam based lifestyle tech accessory brand founded in 2009. Focussed on design aesthetic, functionality and quality. Everything we design evolves around a modern lifestyle, creating an ecosystem of solutions to protect, connect and charge your mobile devices. There's nothing easy about simplicity, therefore we pay attention to the details, making sure each item is finished to perfection. In a world dominated by plastics, cheap manufacturing and excess waste, we are continuously in search of new innovative materials and enhanced manufacturing techniques to create products that will last.


With 30 years of experience, DELTACO has become one of the Nordic region’s biggest cable manufacturers with a large variety of IT accessories, to cover all your needs for home, business and industrial use.

Deltaco Gaming

DELTACO GAMING was created in the end of 2017. DELTACO GAMING is all about boosting your gaming experience. Making you as successful as possible. All products are carefully designed, stylish and affordable.


EMG stands for a green, sustainable way to travel around town. They offer amazing quality scooters at a great price. All scooters are compact and light, perfect for taking with you on the bus or train.


Energizer brings simple solutions for a world on-the-go, full of technology and connectivity. Energizer mobile phones and accessories are made to last, and stand for durability, power and innovation. All Energizer phones offer the best battery life in their class to ensure hours of uninterrupted use. The range of mobile accessories features the latest technologies and high quality materials to deliver long-lasting quality and performance.


The brand name "Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-oh-tik.") means "true to the ear." With deep roots in acoustic research and the hearing aid industry, Etymotic invented insert earphones in 1984. Innovation, education and hearing conservation are central to Etymotic's mission.


During the years, the attention has always been focused on the quality of products and services in order to guarantee to our clients reliable solutions, personalized in accordance to the different demands of application and market trends.


G3 Ferrari is an Italian family company with 46 years of passion for developing a wide range of technically efficient cookers and reliable utility products. This brand stands for Italian design with a good balance between high quality and affordable prices.

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon guarantees the best sound quality and premium design. Stop the time and hear the music as it should sound in your sofa, on the road or in the car. 


It´s all in the details. With the right accessories your every day life will seem a little brighter, your style more pulled together and your identity strenghtened – or altered. At Holdit you will find genuine phone cases, wallet cases, chargers, power banks, phone holders and screen protection.


For years, JBL has been producing high-quality audio products. JBL is top of mind for headphones and bluetooth speakers, but also for the best soundbar solution is JBL the right choise. The consumer chooses JBL because they know that this brand surpasses their experience.


For 37 years, the Chinese-owned Lenovo brand has been passionately developing innovative electronic devices, from the smartphone in your pocket to the smart lights in your home. Lenovo is already present in over 180 markets. They continuously innovate technology to make the world more interesting and solve global challenges.

Lithe Audio

Lithe Audio was founded in 2016 by Wesley Siu and Amit Ravat in the UK. Developed entirely in-house, the products are a perfect complement to HOMA's current product. From Multi-room built-in speakers with Wi-Fi to models with Bluetooth 5.0, Lithe Audio offers it. Innovative features (such as AirPlay 2), beautiful design and a very good sound quality. For both the residential and professional market, Lithe Audio offers a tailor-made solution.


In 1967, Meliconi began producing household products in Italy, where they have been a leading brand ever since. Since 1990, they have also been creating accessories for screens, ranging from wall brackets to headphones.


Motorola is a fixture in the world of telephony. With their user-friendly and high quality DECT range, they offer comfortable calling comfort.

Music Hall

Music Hall is an American brand that has been passionately developing high-end quality turntables and other audio components since 1985. This brand distinguishes itself by its unique dual-plinth design. Furthermore, Music Hall is mentioned on an annual basis in the "Recommended Components" list in Stereophile Magazine.


MYA brings a quirky range of accessories to the market. A very first one is a card reader, but of course it doesn't stop there! A number of other ideas are already sparkling under the radar... Ready to see the light.


Born of Parisian design & Shanghai tech, they are the new French Brand of smart devices to stay connected with style! Their vision is simple: bring together minimalist design and smart technology to enhance your daily life. From hybrid smart watches to health tech, their products conveniently synchronize to the same app to track all the data in one place.


The Japanese brand Okyo already gives it away in its name. Onkyo literally means "pure audio". It is therefore the absolute market leader in the development of amplifier components and the standard-bearer is in the integration of new techniques and streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Airplay, wireless multiroom, ...). As a result, it has the most extensive offer on the market today. Onkyo is also highly acclaimed by the world press and has already won numerous awards.


This Japanse world player in consumer electronics is a real trendsetter. This famous brand launched no less than, among others, the first stereo headphones and plasma TV. Pioneer is one of the largest players in the home cinema market and a regular eisa-award winner. This brand has a wide range of products and is known for its car and portable audio.


Raptic designs products that deliver the maxium protection for devices, while still maintaining a stylish design worthy of outfitting the hardware it accessorizes. They continue to push the boundaries of technology, manufacturing, materials and design to deliver industry-leading products that our customers are proud of owning. 


Yesterday's feeling. Today's technology. Ricatech has been a leading plyer in the market for retro consumer electronics and jukeboxes ever since the Vintage trend came into being.


These products meet the strictest European standards, have an exclusive design, feature the latest technical gadgets and are offered at competitive prices.


What is most distinctive for Sangean is their procedure. Whereas most companies are outsourcing the production of electronics, Sangean keeps this responsibility. Producing all devices within the company, the Sangean family keeps on expanding. Radios are produced from A to Z, or in other words; from Research and Development to After Sales.


Trevi is an Italian family business with 43 years of passion in developing electronic equipement. This brand stands for affordable electronic products with an innovative design, attractive performance and this at a fair price. 


Design is at the heart of everything Uniq does. Their innovative cases offer that little bit extra, such as a stand-up function or a case with a special texture. Uniq stands for stylish, simplistic design without compromising on the protection of your device itself. Their goal is smart simplicity for the modern individual.



The one thing we’ve always put at the heart of our design though is choice, many have (and still do) consider us mad for offering you such a wide choice of colours and finishes. We don’t think it’s mad, in fact we’ve built everything in our business to give you that choice because we believe it’s important.


XtremeMac accessories are made by Apple fans for Apple fans. True passion for product design that results in an engaging balance of minimal form, alluring color and innovative materials.